We deliver Growth & Innovation as a Service

At Centrica Ventures, we are passionate about driving Digital Transformations with our innovative technology products and partners.

Senior Consultants from CentricaVentures connect the most appropriate technologies and services to corporate customers around the world. Using our proprietary CentriSolution™ Process, our teams research, align and integrate the right innovation into the right business condition.

Innovation as a Service

Curating CentriPartners™ from the hottest innovation spots across the world.

Center For Global Business Growth

Your trusted, extended sales team

Center for Business Growth

Centrica Ventures help companies to expand their global footprint through our experienced growth advisors and partners across North America and Asia. Our network of Regional Sales Partners have decades of experience leading business development, sales and marketing in these geographies. We become their extended sales team in North America and Asia helping them to focus on their core business while we help them expand and grow their business.

Centri Research™

Intelligence on category application to targeted customer groups.

Centri Strat™

Finding your Focal Point on the client’s needs.

Centri Dev™

Account Management and Selling.

Centri Ops™

Contracts to Next Step Operational Meetings.

Corporate Innovation as a Service.

Centrica Ventures help companies bootstrap Corporate Innovation by partnering with technology startups across North America and Asia providing the much-needed access to grassroot innovation and helping them augment their innovation journey.

Our CentriPartners™ have been carefully vetted, reviewed and certified by our team of technology experts to provide maximum leverage for our clients.

  • Innovation Curation : Multiple CentriPartners™ spread across a variety of industry and technology domains.
  • Innovation Consulting : You trusted, extended Innovation Partner